Healthcare providers trust Gateway EDI’s complete support system of people and tools to maximize their revenue and increase cash flow.

More than 200,000 providers trust Gateway EDI’s medical claims processing solutions to simplify claims reimbursement and revenue management. We offer electronic claims processing, real-time eligibility verification, point-and-click access to identify and recover missing revenue, automated secondary claims and electronic remittance advice and tools that ease patient payment collection.

Are you ready for ICD-10?

The move to ICD-10 is one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare industry in our lifetime.

Our team will support you through all phases of this critical change — from preparation to the initial transition and adjustment period. Learn more about how we can help you with ICD-10.

Customer Testimonials

Tim with Claimat, Inc in Clearwater, FL

I would like to express my gratitude for the extensive and timely help offered by numerous people at your company. We had an immediate issue that needed attention and we started with Linda Sheer who took ownership and laid the groundwork for a remedy. We were then handed off to Donna Kiethline, Jessica Ramsey and Jen Smith who all offered technical assistance in completing our connection and ultimately resolving the issue for our end user. You have a great team of people who need to be commended for their knowledge and desire to meet the needs of the client. Thanks, Tim Hangge

Fran Wright

I really do appreciate all that you do for our office. Since we've started electronic billing, it's made a big difference with the insurance companies. It's also nice that a lot of Gateway employees have worked for insurance companies and know how they think.

Susan - G&R Health Associates

"When looking at our monthly reports and admiring our small successes,  it’s always nice to get a pat on the back from afar. But, the real success story lies in our association with our business partners and their expertize trickles down to us.  Without Gateway EDI and PDS we would not have the success we have.  G&R Health Associates is a small mom and pop clinic, we do not have partners to share in the expense of our overhead and business expense.  Investing in the right partners outside of our clinic has helped us achieve 99-100% collection for the last five years and low error rates, those numbers come from our long associate with the right business. Internally each professional here at G&R Health has their own area of expertise, the entire cycle of coding charges, electronic billing and remits are managed by one person.  Analyzing that entire cycle give us a better understanding how errors occur and helps us to eliminate them.  That improves the revenue cycle, the more accurate we can bill, the quicker we will receive our revenue.  We look at it like a big Pay Check, because that’s what it is, our pay check! I’ve been a Clinic Administrator in the LVS Complex since 1979, and I have had a long association with PDS.  I began our business relationship with Gateway EDI on their recommendation, sound advise!  We could have never achieved what we have achieved without holding hands with the bigger companies.  I am grateful for you making us look good."

Joanne Jones - Office of Karl D. Jones M.D., St. Petersburg, Florida

"I am truly satisfied with Gateway EDI and its associates.  Everyone is so very helpful!  I was with another clearinghouse before Gateway EDI and it was a nightmare. Keep up the great work!"

Lynn Haney - Drs Record & Record Optometrists, Charlottesville, Virginia

We have been using Gateway EDI for 10 years now for all our claims submission and I must say they are awesome! All our claims are filed with ease and its done quickly! When I have to call, they are very nice and helpful, which means everything. No attitudes ever! I can't imagine not using Gateway EDI!

Scott Sickmiller - Indiana University Health LaPorte Physicians, LaPorte, IN

“When examining clearinghouses I knew Gateway EDI was the best option for our organization. Once I saw how simple it was to use I knew we had to have it.  I could tell it would be great for my staff because I felt like I could teach it to my seven year old daughter and she would be able to navigate through it with ease.  It truly is a great software system for billing and insurance verification.  Thank you Gateway EDI!!”

Margaret Connerly - Connerly Chiropractic, Santa Fe, NM

I easily recommend Gateway EDI to physicians and billing offices because of the great service I receive from the staff.  Gateway EDI has saved me time, money and frustration with claims! I am certainly glad we found Gateway EDI.

Carolyn Bailey - Bel Air Billing Company, Evans, GA

The transition to Gateway EDI has been terrific. Our cash flow did not suffer one bit. If I had an urgent need it was met without hesitation. I highly recommend Gateway EDI to anyone in need of a clearinghouse. Not only is the staff helpful, but the website is extremely user-friendly and provides great reports. So glad I made the transition!