Advanced Reimbursement Manager

The difference between what is expected and what is paid can add up to significant revenue issues if left unchecked.

Advanced Reimbursement Manager from Gateway EDI easily identifies denials and underpaid claims. Start recovering revenue that is otherwise lost to inefficiency and inaccuracy.

Track down your missing revenue.

Missing revenue isn’t easy to see, especially when hidden. Discover underpayments due to issues related to late payments, mistaken clinical edits and more. Advanced Reimbursement Manager finds these errors automatically, so you don’t have to manually check each payment.

Reclaim what’s yours.

Once an error is found, Advanced Reimbursement Manager creates formatted appeal letters with support documentation to correct payment errors.

Fewer errors from this day forward.

Advanced Reimbursement Manager monitors your transactions to prevent issues by identifying common errors and payer trends — saving you time as well as revenue.

Take a closer look at payer contracts and streamline patient checkout.

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