Rejection Analysis

It’s time to learn from your mistakes.

It’s true, mistakes do happen. But Gateway EDI’s Rejection Analysis tool gives you the power to learn from – and correct – your mistakes, improving efficiency and revenue over the long term.

The Rejection Analysis report will identify the most common reasons your claims have been rejected, and how much those rejections have cost the practice.

Key features of the Rejection Analysis tool include:

  • Integration with other systems. All of our tools are fully integrated — so you’ll never need to enter data to spot problems or areas for improvement.
  • Sortable search results. You can customize the output of the Rejection Analysis, sorting by provider, procedure, payer or any other variable you choose. The default search returns the most common reasons for claim rejection.
  • Error correction. Once you identify the errors, you’ll have the opportunity to enter corrections directly on the claim and resubmit as appropriate for no extra charge.

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